• 26 Aug 2017
  • Dog
  • Male
  • N/A
  • Light brown
  • Not seen
  • No
  • Apologies for such spotty information. I was at work today and observed a light brown, medium-sized dog running through our parking lot. Before I could get close, the dog slipped through our fence and started making its way toward the woods. When I whistled, it looked back, but started running as soon as I took a step toward it.

    I realize this isn't too helpful without more detail, but I figured I'd post what I did see, just in case it helped someone narrow down their search. I wish I could have gotten closer to try and give better information.

    Last seen heading towards woods by Pottersburg Creek, just south of GDLS-C & Ellis Don

  • Clarke and Oxford, Industrial and Oxford
  • London, Ontario
  • Dan Bonsteel
  • danbonsteel@hotmail.com