• 27 Sep 2015
  • Cat
  • Male
  • Unknown
  • White and black
  • Black and white with blue bell
  • Unsure
  • I am unsure if this is a male or female. This cat has been at my house constantly for about a couple of weeks. He/she even tries to come in. He/she has a collar on but I have been watching and when the collar was messed up it never got fixed by anyone and it was tangled around his/her leg when he/she got back to my house. I fixed it and left him/her outside for a couple more days but my dad lives next door and says he/she meows outside his window all night.
    I ended up bringing him in today. He is hanging out in my bathroom for now with food and water.
    I know there are many outdoor cats around here but he/she seems to be spending most of his/her time here and always seems very hungry.

  • Huron and Highbury
  • London, Ontario
  • Lorri
  • 5197099905
  • lorriadams@ymail.com