• 07 Sep 2017
  • Cat
  • Female
  • Brown/Black Tabby with orange and white spots
  • This cat has been hanging around my yard since early Sept. She has access to water, and I have been giving her small lunches when I see her. Her body condition is so poor that I fear she will be euthanized if taken to London Animal Care. She is not feverish or sneezing, or lethargic.

    If you know where this cat lives please contact me ASAP.

    If you are involved with an established rescue and can assist this cat with basic veterinary care I will happily make a donation to your group.

  • Hamilton Road/ Pegler street (Tile Town on corner)
  • London, Ontario
  • Andrea
  • 519.439.4717
  • ajohnson1@rogers.com