• 08 August 2020
  • Cat
  • Male
  • Domestic medium-haired black fur coat and mostly white on underside, and a white 'mask' covering lower half of face.
  • Black and white
  • No
  • He may be injured. He hasn't been home since this last weekend, last saw him Fri night or Sat morning (weekend of Aug. 8/9) and a neighbour reported seeing that he had suffered a bad injury, dragging his hind legs as he went to leave and headed back toward our house.... We would rather know what has happened, as opposed to ever wondering and speculating to the Nth degree about what could've happened. Heck, if he's found a new home with another loving family, I'd be happy and only ask to say goodbye and smother him one last time....

    We've had cats mysteriously disappear -we've even had random people adopt [them] and once they even left a nice note, etc or they disappear as quickly as they appeared and never come back to us; at least 98% have been feral and the rest strays; paying medical care, neutering, shots, etc if we can.... Cost paid by us, , but Sweetpea is family and this happened a decade ago, with my sweet girl Ambriel. I like to think that somebody impulsively adopted her and took her away not realizing she had people who loved her dearly....

    Sweetpea,,, Unlike Ambriel, we've had a confirmed sighting days ago and he was badly injured.... Please, if you've any information let me know. Sweetpea showed up as a kitten a little over a year before my son was born and they've basically grown up together. Sweetpea protects my boy, walks with us around the 'hood and even to other complexes, lol...We miss him so much.

  • Clarke and Culver
  • London
  • Sarah
  • 5197092197
  • cydaea.verbose@gmail.com
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