• 18 Sep 2017
  • Cat
  • Female
  • domestic short hair
  • black
  • no collar
  • no
  • Spookie is a friendly indoor cat. She's aggressive with other cats. Is wary of dogs and not afraid to use her claws if threatened. She knows her name and is vocal in response to being talked to. She is adept at doing somersaults against doors to try to get them open. She has only had short supervised time in the garden so very limited exposure to the outdoors.
    small white patch on chest, has claws
    large patch of missing hair on lower abdomen
    very petite (short legs) with "middle-age" belly

  • Langarth St. East and Cathcart
  • London, Ontario
  • Gail and Steve Fletcher
  • cell: 519-200-0456 or home: 519-438-9582
  • stevegail@execulink.com
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