Reporting Requirements & Shelter Information

It is critical that you also report your lost or found pet to the Animal Control / Care Centre in your community to ensure they are aware of the situation. This is a requirement of law in most communities.

Animal Care Centres:

  • London: 519-685-1330
  • St. Thomas: 519-631-7430

If you’re a rescue group in the London Area and your information is not mentioned above, please email

How This Site Works

Pet Information

In order for the best opportunity to reunite pets with their families, the most complete and accruate information is essential.  Some tips and key elements to include:

  • Microchip Number: More cats and dogs than ever have been microchipped.  Often taking them to a shelter or clinic to have a scan done is the fastest means of reunification!
  • Pictures: A photo really is worth a thousand words and our redeveloped site supports larger image sizes then before. See more below on “Photo Submission”
  • Multiple Lost / Found Pets:  If you have lost or found more than one pet, please submit a form for each animal.  If they were lost or found together, please note this in the comment field on both submissions.
  • Processing Time: This is not an automated posting system and every submission is human-evaluated.  While it may take up to 48 hours to have a post appear on this website and social media pages, notification dispatches are sent out to local rescue groups shortly after receiving your notification.
  • Contact Information: We require your contact information in the event that we need to touch base about any unclear details plus it is vital to post in dispatches. Accurate information helps pets get home faster!

Placing  a Photograph

A photograph aids incredibily in identifiying both lost and found pets.  If you are able to snap a photo or have one ready to go, simply attach it in the form area for photo submission.  For best results here are the ideal parameters for images you send to us:

  • Dimensions: 640 X 480 is perfect.  The London Lost Pets website reproduces these photos at about 600 pixels wide and FaceBook images are posted at 403 pixels wide.  Pets reunitied with their families are added to our Success Stories photo album.
  • Resolution: Screen resolution at the above noted dimensions of 72 dpi (ppi) are all that is required, as they are being used online only.
  • Resizing: If your images are thousands of pixels wide, or you wish to crop them down then check out a free online tool to crop and resize your images, Webresizer→ however please do not add borders or special effects other than colour correction as this hampers their usability across multimple mediums.



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