• 04 October 2020
  • Cat
  • Female
  • Orange tabby
  • Light orange
  • No
  • Hello I've lost my kitten, I just moved into my home at Wellington and Grand. About a month ago.

    I got a kitten 4 days ago for my children who have grown very attached to her.

    I went grocery shopping and when I came home I couldn't find her..

    She's an orange kitten about 9 weeks old. She's very feisty...

    I want her back very badly... Ive only had 1 cat and she passed away a few years ago due to old age.. it was very hard for me to decide to get a new one... we miss her

  • Wellington Rd &Grand ave
  • London
  • Megan
  • 226 224 3059
  • sunshinerose197@gmail.com
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