• 04 Jul 2017
  • Cat
  • Female
  • Domestic shorthair
  • Grey with white spot on chest and tummy.
  • N/A
  • Microchipped.
  • Has anyone seen my missing female, spayed and microchipped cat anywhere? Her left ear is tipped as well.
    She is 5 yr. old, green eyes, black nose, white spot on chest and tummy as well. Short dark grey coat. Small cat. Weighs approximately 6 lb.
    Her top two fangs are also missing due to surgery last year. This causes her to appear to be licking her lips a lot.
    She has been missing since about 9 pm last night and this is not like her. Missing from Lorne Ave and Ontario St.
    She does not go to strangers as a rule and is a bit skittish.
    Answers to "Gracie".
    ANY information would be greatly appreciated!

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