• 03 May 2021
  • Dog
  • Female
  • Portuguese Podengo
  • Tan
  • “GINGER” (Portuguese Podengo - smooth coat) is missing from the Oriole Park Resort area (Amiens & Oxbow). She is new to the area and is running scared. Her parents moved to Komoka Saturday. They're from St Thomas so she could possibly be trying to make her way back there. She'll resemble the dog in the photo attached.
    She was seen along the tracks north of Oxbow Road, between Amiens Road and Komoka Rd.
    If you see Ginger, please do not chase or call out to her as she’s very nervous. Get low to the ground and coax with smelly food. Please note direction of travel and call owner immediately at 226-919-6475.

  • Amiens Road & Oxbow Road (just west off Glendon)
  • Komoka, Ontario
  • Linda Slade
  • 519-8321-7341
  • lindaslade0992@yahoo.ca
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