• 19 Jul 2021
  • Cat
  • Female
  • N/A
  • Black and white
  • No collar
  • No
  • I received a call about a cat on someone's doorstep @ 355 Sandringham cres, it had been there all weekend scratching at her door.
    (I have a small cat & kitten rescue)
    It likely thought that her door was its house, as all the back doors look alike there.
    It's a very large teddy bear of a cat, female, very tame and friendly.
    I'm certain she is usually a house-cat, who just got out when she shouldn't have.
    She is definitely not an outdoor cat and likely lives in the townhouse complex @ 355 Sandringham cres, as cats, and especially cats this large, do not wander far from home
    She is spayed and vaccinated, as I recognise by her extra large size, that cats that large are usually fixed cats.
    (and LACC has now confirmed that she is spayed and likely approx. 7yrs old)
    I'm sure someone misses her dearly, as she is a big cuddly gal. <3
    I took her to LACC to get a check-up, but she has not been claimed yet and they have called me to come pick her up today. (23/07/21)
    I'll hold on to her for the time being, till I can hopefully find her owners.
    (I apologize that the photo isn't a better one, my driver's phone is an older model and doesn't take very good photos)

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