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Luna is home!!!

After a few hours of searching and having us all worried, Luna was found outdoors roaming the backyard. She has had a late dinner and is now cuddling up for a nap. Thanks for allowing me to post on this site. It’s a scary thing to have our fur babies go missing!
October 14th, 2020|Success Stories|

Mojito is home!!

Mojito has been found!
October 14th, 2020|Success Stories|

Bernie is HOME!!!

BERNIE HAS BEEN FOUND SAFE!!!!! Thank you so much everyone!!! I can’t tell you how Thankful I am for such an amazing community!!!!!!!!He is ok! Great big hugs!
October 12th, 2020|Success Stories|

Bella is home!!

Bella has been found by the owner, in the backyard, after 9 days missing.
September 28th, 2020|Success Stories|

Hoppy is home!!!

Hoppy was brought to LACC yesterday and we picked him up today! A huge thank you to whomever brought him in!
September 24th, 2020|Success Stories|

Monnez Parker is home!!

Many thanks to all those who helped!
August 23rd, 2020|Success Stories|

Higgins is HOME!!

Higgins came home to us in the early morning of Monday August 4th. Being an indoor cat it was a relief he returned home safe and sound.
August 4th, 2020|Success Stories|

Silvester is home!!!!

We found him
July 19th, 2020|Success Stories|

Maeby is home!!!

thank god we are reunited. Her chip led to her rescue
July 4th, 2020|Success Stories|

Mitts is home!!

Mitts came home Sunday evening! After 5 long days she is home safe and sound! Thank you everyone!
June 24th, 2020|Success Stories|