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Cappy is HOME!!

We are elated to announce that Cappy returned home safely after over three days outside. We would like to extend a million thanks to everyone who shared Cappy's picture, send us tips, and supported us through the past few days! We are so happy to have him home safe and sound. We will continue to do our best to help everyone still looking for their pets, and hope they will be reunited soon.
October 19th, 2021|Success Stories|

Ally is HOME!!

Ally was missing for 52 hours and made her way home to us tonight!! We’re so happy to have her back
October 14th, 2021|Success Stories|

Jimmie is HOME!

Thank you! Everyone! He is home safe and sound!
October 10th, 2021|Success Stories|

Oscar is HOME!!

We are so happy to have Oscar home. We heard him on our roof this morning, who knows how he got there…. But he’s safe and has no injuries that we have seen yet. And he’s so happy to be home and with his family.
October 11th, 2021|Success Stories|

Snyper is HOME!!!

Snyper has been found
October 2nd, 2021|Success Stories|

Simba is HOME!!

A wonderful lady called me up and said she found him on her front porch. She took care of him and finally got my address through this website. Thank you all for your wonderful support and service.
September 21st, 2021|Success Stories|

Coco is HOME!!

Coco found safe and sound at LACC. Thank you to the person who got her to LACC and sincere thanks to LACC for keeping her safe.
September 18th, 2021|Success Stories|

Mr Jingles is home!!!

Came home!
September 10th, 2021|Success Stories|

Jezebel is HOME!!

Family found! I posted this found cat last night (Aug. 30). She’s safely reunited now.
August 31st, 2021|Success Stories|

Poppy is HOME!!!

Poppy has returned! He came back on his own this afternoon after being gone for 3 nights. He's definitely tired and a little thin, but he's safe. 😊
August 31st, 2021|Success Stories|