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Kevin is home!!!

Hi folks - our curious and clever Kevin has been returned to his very grateful family after seven long weeks about town. Thanks to the Verdon family for his safe return in a Popeye's parking lot! We are so happy to have him back in our lives.
October 10th, 2019|Success Stories|

Stripes is home!!!

Stripes luckily was found by a kind lady who was taking her father back to the nursing home and noticed Stripes . She said he was wobbling when walking . Stripes is 19yr old and blind in 1 eye. He had been out in the rain and cold for 3 nights . He is not an outdoor cat so this was hard on him . He was lucky to be found . Thanks to this website he was reunited with us and us now back home . Stripes will now see his 20th birthday this month thanks to this kind lady who rescued him, fed him and found his owner.
October 3rd, 2019|Success Stories|

Ravine is home!!

She's back home safe and sound!!
October 3rd, 2019|Success Stories|

Shadow is home!!

He was found safe and sound, returned home today. Thank you to everyone who shared this!
September 23rd, 2019|Success Stories|

Lex is home!!!

I was texted last Sunday that Lex was spotted on a neighbors security camera. She even sent me the footage. I narrowed my search down to the wooded area between her yard and my apartments parting lot. Literally around the corner from my patio, less than 50 meters away After about five minutes of shaking a bag of treats, meowing and calling his name, Lex finally emerged from a bush, on the other side of the fence. After 20 minutes of cat talk and convincing I got him under and through the fence and into my arms and walked him home. He's still not big on being picked up, so it hurt me way more than it hurt him, but only one decent scratch. The rest are already fading. He seems okay, not scratching at all, so I don't suspect any fleas. Nor have I noticed any near his bunker (also in my office where I'm typing this). Calling his vet tomorrow. But, me, his sister Lynn and Riley the Dawg are all glad to have the little dude home. He's been chilling with Riley and I on the couch watching some teevee and getting some well missed head and belly scratches.
September 21st, 2019|Success Stories|

Joey is home!

Not sure where he was, but he came to our door, approximately 48 hours later...odd for him to be gone that long. But, although he seemed a bit weaker, it seems he is in good health.
September 9th, 2019|Success Stories|

Ginger is home!!

After 6 weeks Ginger is home. She looks awful but she is alive and now safe. Thank you everyone for sharing
September 7th, 2019|Success Stories|

Topaz is home!

Topaz is back!
September 7th, 2019|Success Stories|

Maya is home!!

Maya was spotted on LACC web page; where they stated she was found outside a site in the south end. When her family arrived she remembered they exactly!! Way to go maya!! Welcome home!!
August 28th, 2019|Success Stories|

Snickers is home!!!

Thank you to everyone that searched for our baby!
August 27th, 2019|Success Stories|