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Max – Lost Male Dog – Black Newfoundland

Lost in Dorchester in Trafalgar Street. He is 12 years old and not well. He has a very skinny hind end with patches of fur missing.
March 1st, 2019|Lost Pet|

Butter – Lost Male Cat – Blonde Tabby Shorthair

Blonde with rings on fur. Nor orange
February 26th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Tifa – Lost Female Cat – Brown Tabby Shorthair

Barker street off of Oxford. Has a very unique meow or cry. She has short legs typical brown tabby small whiter patch on chin and on one of her back paw toes.
February 25th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Lady – Lost Female Cat – Tortoiseshell Calico Shorthair

Aldersbrook Road and Aldersbrook Gate
February 24th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Winston – Lost Male Cat – Black Shorthair with White Patch on Chest.

Hi there. Our beloved cat Winston has gone missing. He was last seen in our backyard last night at 10pm. He has never been gone this long and we are so worried. He is a 6 year old black Bombay with a white patch on his chest and glowing yellow eyes. He is super friendly and very trusting. He is wearing a blue collar with a goldfish tag. He has cystitis and needs to take medication regularly. We miss him and want him home safe. His human baby misses him too and wants to see him soon! Please help! He was last seen around Berkshire Drive and Topping Lane. Any information is greatly appreciated.
February 23rd, 2019|Lost Pet|

Simon – Lost Male Cat – Grey Tabby Shorthair

Oxford and Mornington Ave
February 20th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Storm – Lost Male Cat – Orange Shorthair

Lost in Crimlin Side Road, Trafalgar, Dundas area
February 20th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Jack – Lost Male Dog – Brown Terrier Mixed Breed

Whitby Hospital Tag Rabies Tag Oshawa Lisence
February 20th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Gus – Lost Male Bird – Yellow Cockatiel

Hamilton/gore Big feet Toe on Right foot is bent upward Wolf whistles,loves people
February 19th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Nobody – Lost Male Cat – Grey Tabby Shorthair

Long hair
February 18th, 2019|Lost Pet|