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Marlowe – Lost Male Cat – Brown Tabby Shorthair

Queens Ave and English Street in Old East Village
November 14th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Lou-Lou – Lost Female Cat – Black and White Shorthair

Forward Ave and Delmage Street
November 15th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Harley – Lost Female Cat – Tortoiseshell Calico Shorthair

Her face is half one color and the other half is another. Her paws are different Color’s also.
November 10th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Maisy – Lost Female Cat – Black Shorthair

Very friendly cat. Has white mark on her belly and on her front toe. Normally doesn’t go very far when we let her outside. Home is close to Masonville Mall.
November 11th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Catrick – Lost Female Cat – Calico Shorthair

Black on the face
November 11th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Romeo – Lost Male Cat – Orange Tabby Shorthair

Pinehurst Dr, Dorchester (Subdivision behind Tim Hortons and Cemetery)
November 11th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Sippie – Lost Female Cat – Calico Shorthair

Trafalgar Street/Condor Court
November 12th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Dierks – Lost Male Dog – White Black and Silver Husky

Hwy 21 and County Rd 84
November 13th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Jibi – Lost Female Cat – Black with White Longhair

Beaverbrook Ave. / Kettleridge St. She has a patch of white fur on her chest. Bare belly.
November 7th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Bella – Lost Female Cat – Brown Tabby Shorthair

Highbury & Brydges
November 7th, 2021|Lost Pet|