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Jessie – Lost Female Cat – Orange Tabby Shorthair

Very Friendly....lost at Lawson and Blanchard Crescent
August 18th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Casper – Lost Male Dog – White with Black Border Collie Mixed Breed

3/4 blind and scared of strangers
August 18th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Jiva – Lost Female Cat – Tortoiseshell Calico Shorthair

Western Road and Cedar Ave, London, ON Jiva is a small spayed female Manx, tortoise shell, short hair. She is skittish and likes to be outdoors.
August 18th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Miki – Lost Female Cat – Siamese Mixed Breed Shorthair

Commissioners and Wharncliffe Curled tail Blue eyes Very friendly Has a squeaky meow Doesn’t scratch or bite
August 18th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Kit Kat – Lost Female Cat – Seal Point Siamese

Adelaide and grosvenor Blue eyes
August 17th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Mikey – Lost Male Cat – Grey Tabby Shorthair

Near highland golf course
August 17th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Luci – Lost Male Cat – Orange Tabby with White Shorthair

Lost near Adelaide and commissioners
August 17th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Mamma Kitty – Lost Female Cat – Orange Tabby with White Shorthair

Highbury and Trafalgar
August 17th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Jasmine – Lost Female Cat – Grey Tabby with White Shorthair

Characteristics are a black outline around nose, and chocolate coloured paws, about 9 or 10 weeks old. Lost around Kipps Lane and Arbour Glen...
August 16th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Hobby – Lost Male Cat – White with Grey Shorthair

Hamilton adelaide
August 14th, 2019|Lost Pet|