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Basboos – Lost Male Cat – Black and White Shorthair

7 months old
March 20th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Jinx – Lost Male Cat – Grey Tabby Shorthair

He has a skin condition that causes him to lose the fur around his tail area. He is neutered.
March 19th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Max – Lost Male Cat – Orange Tabby Shorthair

Berkshire Drive
March 19th, 2019|Lost Pet|

GI-Joe – Lost Male Cat -Grey Tabby Shorthair

Lost near Hale st and Doulton st Right eat has a tip missing
March 18th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Gracie – Lost Female Cat – Grey Shorthair

Very bushy tail
March 15th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Charlie – Lost Male Bird – Grey, White, Yellow and Red Cockatiel

Small bird. He has a yellow face with a yellow crest. He has red spots on his cheeks and his body is grey and white. He is able to fly but not very well.
March 15th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Benbo – Lost Male Cat – Grey Tabby with White Shorthair

Grey black and white blend fur Wearing a blue and white collar
March 13th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Toby – Lost Male Cat – White with Beige and Dark Brown Ragdoll (Longhair)

Toby escaped out the back door of our home around 10:30 am near Waterloo and Victoria. He is an indoor cat. He has blue eyes, he's 13 years old and he's about 12 pounds. He's a gentle giant and has never spent any time outdoors. He will be scared and timid.
March 12th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Sweets/Shadow – Lost Male Cat – Dark Brown with White Shorthair

White tips on front paws/like a French manicure and on upper chest.
March 10th, 2019|Lost Pet|

King – Lost Male Cat – Russian Blue (Grey Shorthair)

Last seen running around the ravine at Dundas and spruce
March 7th, 2019|Lost Pet|