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Clarke Road/Royal Crescent, Wavell Street, Duluth Street, Garland Lane, Clarke Road/Dundas Street, Clarke Road/Trafalgar street
December 12th, 2019|Lost Pet|


Clarke Rd/Trafalgar St.; Clarke Road/Dundas St.; Royal Crescent; Duluth Crescent; Wavel St.; Garland Lane (Street)
December 12th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Bootsie – Lost Male Cat – Brown Tabby with White Shorthair

Osgoode and Adelaide
December 10th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Sasi (Sha-shee) – Lost Male Cat – Orange Tabby with White Shorthair

orange eyes and has a small cut on his left ear
December 6th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Minout (Mee-noo) – Lost Male Cat – Black Shorthair

Black, short haired kitty, has a puff of white hairs on his chest, he has his claws. He is very friendly but wary of strangers. Likes the sound of a can opening.
December 2nd, 2019|Lost Pet|

Barney – Lost Male Cat – Brown Tabby with White Shorthair

Barney has a white chest
November 29th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Simon – Lost Male Cat – Black and White Shorthair

Dundas & Edmonton Escaped from the carrier when he was being brought to East Village Animal Hospital for his neuter.
November 28th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Focus – Lost Male Cat – Grey Shorthair with White Patch

white spot on belly and neck.
November 29th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Lost Male Cat – Black Shorthair

Lost near Florence and Egerton. Has a white patch on belly and chest. Right eye often waters and is partially closed
November 29th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Poochy – Lost Female Cat – White Highland Fold

She is pure white with long fur. Lost at Matthews Animal clinic parking lot at the corner of Pond Mills and Southdale.
November 26th, 2019|Lost Pet|