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Rusty – Lost Male Cat – Orange Tabby with White Longhair

Dennis Ave/Campbell
October 14th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Ryelee – Lost Male Cat – Black Shorthair

White patch between his back legs and a tiny patch of white on his neck.
October 13th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Daisy – Lost Female Cat – White with Grey Shorthair

tweedsmuir and court lane
October 13th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Lily – Lost Female Bird – Blue Budgie

Dark blue spots on her cheeks, light brown cere
October 12th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Opie – Lost Male Cat – Orange Tabby Shorthair

Trafalgar Street and Crumlin Road
October 12th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Roxy – Lost Female Cat – Tortoiseshell Calico Shorthair

Hamilton Adelaide
October 12th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Zoe – Lost Female Cat – Grey Tabby Shorthair

Very Vocal and skinny
October 12th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Stella – Lost Female Cat – Grey Tabby Mediumhair

Medium/long hair, fluffy tail, lighter grey around neck, 10 month old kitten, smaller size. spayed.
October 10th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Meeko – Lost Male Dog – Tri-Coloured Chihuahua

Meeko could answer to Fuzz Ball
October 9th, 2019|Lost Pet|

Mona Lisa – Lost Female Cat – Black Shorthair

Cleardale public school area
October 9th, 2019|Lost Pet|