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Spazz – Lost Male Cat – Grey and White Shorthair

Wateroak & Aldersbrook
April 13th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Gordie – Lost Male Cat – Orange Tabby with White Shorthair

He has thumbs, is declawed on the front, has a fish pendant on his collar.
April 10th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Boo – Lost Female Cat – Grey Shorthair

Novello and Midland Small sized adult cat 8years old Very friendly
April 10th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Baxter – Lost Male Cat – Grey Tabby Shorthair

Can be identified by his ears - one is cauliflowered and the other is tattooed. Last seen in Wortley on McKenzie Ave
April 11th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Cookie – Lost Male Cat – Grey Tabby with White Shorthair

Loves playing with the lids of fruit pouches.
April 11th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Diego – Lost Male Cat – Beige and Dark Brown Ragdoll

Edmunds Cr. and Deveron Cr. Small Ragdoll with light tan fur and brown legs, ears and tail White Paws and blue eyes.
April 8th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Cara – Lost Female Cat – Black and White Shorthair

Missing: small cat black & white cat with thin build, pink nose, white whiskers, tumor growth on right side of body
April 9th, 2021|Lost Pet|

Lilly – Lost Female Cat – Brown Tabby Londghair

William st and Dundas York and William st
April 2nd, 2021|Lost Pet|

Alfie – Lost Male Cat – Orange Tabby Longhair

Large, Fluffy, Friendly
April 3rd, 2021|Lost Pet|

Cricket – Lost Male Cat – Grey Tabby Shorthair

Clarke Rd and Dundas St
April 5th, 2021|Lost Pet|