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Found Male Cat – Brown Tabby with White Shorthair

Has white on his back paws and a little on his front paws, white neck Wears a brown leather collar that says beaver canoe on it
March 23rd, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Male Cat – White with Grey Markings Shorthair

Wharncliffe and Southdale area. Male white cat with charcoal grey markings. Yellow-green eyes, pink nose. Top of ear missing likely due to fight or frostbite. Friendly once he trusts you, loves cuddles and very affectionate. Seems young, under 2-3 years old. Neighbourhood is long aware of him, has been hanging around various houses since late last year (Dec 2021). Same "found male cat" as reported on Feb 27th on this board.
March 19th, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Female Cat – Tortoiseshell Calico Shorthair

Found on Acton cres near Heritage Park
March 20th, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Bird – Green with Orange Love Bird

Norton Ave and Notre Dame
March 21st, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Budgie – Green/Yellow **sex unknown**

Wellington Rd near Suds Car Wash
March 17th, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Male Cat – Brown Tabby with White Longhair

Horn St & Stanley St
March 3rd, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Female Cat – Calico Longhair

Grand Ave. & Gerrard
March 1st, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Male Cat – White with Black Shorthair **not secured**

Wharncliffe/Southdale according to our neighbourhood Facebook page, around for a month. We don’t have him/her but trying to capture.
February 27th, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Male Dog – Black Lab **sighting only**

Sarnia road castle drove and ran in traffic on the main intersection.
February 21st, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Make Cat – Orange Tabby with White Longhair **sighting only**

Orange and White Un-neutered Stripped tail White chest
February 22nd, 2022|Found Pet|