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East london
June 23rd, 2022|Found Pet|


Sex is unknown. Very friendly, chatty, and playful. Seems to love people but hesitant with dogs.
June 24th, 2022|Found Pet|

Cornish rex

Ernest and Jalna. Male, not neutered. Big white feet, grey body with white patches on his paws, chest and face. Yellow eyes.
June 26th, 2022|Found Pet|


Clarke Rd and Huron St
June 26th, 2022|Found Pet|


Stayed under a tree near Sarnia Rd/Chapman Court
June 27th, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Female Cat – Grey Tabby Shorthair

Kilbourne and Malpass Rd.
June 14th, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Female Cat – Brown Tabby w Orange Shorthair

Very small and thin. Extremely friendly. Might be a year old.
June 14th, 2022|Found Pet|

Found Female Cat – Black and White Shorthair

Found on Salisbury St. near Oxford St. and Mornington Ave.
June 15th, 2022|Found Pet|

Whitish grey Siamese (very light coloured fur for a siamese)

Harrison Ave., Logan Ave and Cheapside, London, ON
June 16th, 2022|Found Pet|

Found White Bird

Found on Magee Street and Coventry
June 17th, 2022|Found Pet|