My very timid, skittish cat, Kiera, got out Thursday July 16, 2015. With renos happening didn’t notice till Saturday morning. Knew she got out the backdoor so stayed there and called for her shaking her dry food in a noisy container. Talked to all the neighours around and mainly only called for her from the backyard so she knew where to return too. Found it easier to call for her after 11pm and a bit during the night and again in the morning at about 5am, quieter then and voice travels farther. Didn’t care if the neighbours complained, that’s my family member stranded out there. Tuesday 10pm it paid off she was on the other side of the yard from where I was calling her at that neighbour’s house. So just saying persistence pays off! Don’t give up even if you only spend a few minutes calling then a few more later on. They will hear you!